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dedre mevemea12020

Looking Back

A piece describing the bittersweet moment of looking back at the path that one has taken, with all of its joyful and sorrowful moments.

Silica of Time12017

A piece describing the mixed emotions of watching time pass by.


A piece describing the cold loneliness of walking down a dark, empty path in a winter night (based on my actual experiences in university).

One Step Closer12014

A piece describing the excitement of watching the world evolve technologically.

Night Light12014

A piece that shows the scenery of a silent night in an otherwise bustling city.


A piece describing the anticipation of a new life; for me, the beginning of my university career.

Yet Another12014

An improvised, melancholic piece.


An uplifting orchestral piece.


A piece featuring varying moods and sceneries.


A simple, airy piano piece accompanied by strings.


A piece that depicts sorrow (somewhat).

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