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Septe themas characteristic

Seven Characteristic Themes

An album that features various atmospheres and musical styles.

12018 – 12020

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Thema characteristic 1

Characteristic Theme 1

A slow but celebratory piece.

Thema characteristic 2

Characteristic Theme 2

An uplifting piece reminiscent of exciting beginnings and starry nights.

Thema characteristic 3

Characteristic Theme 3

A mystical piece in an otherworldly open field below thick, glowing clouds.

Thema characteristic 4

Characteristic Theme 4

A piano piece that describes a calm, foresty atmosphere.

Thema characteristic 5

Characteristic Theme 5

A percussion-heavy, soaring piece about cliffs and waterfalls.

Thema characteristic 6

Characteristic Theme 6

An open-air theme about rolling hills and meadows.

Thema characteristic 7

Characteristic Theme 7

A piece about tranquil nights and inner peace.

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