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vilka sel sona vol Metilmo

Seven Pieces of Metilmo

A series of musical poems that tell the story of an otherworldly stillborn city.


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gremi vol Metilmo

The Sky of Metilmo

Metilmo's sky is always filled with dust blowing in the wind, and it is never the same blue as the Earth's sky.


Tlatira is the district where all the residents would have lived outside of their studies and research (which would have taken place in another district, Seltilo).


South of Tlatira is Alano, the district without any buildings. It is the area in Metilmo that hosts the outdoor events and festivals.

krenoteva delta mel lite

A Bright Spot In the Night

I climbed onto the rooftop of a building in Tlatira and stare at the landscape of the entire city. At night, the streets bask in the streetlights, and like usual, the air is silent.

rinome sonol seskoma

Winters Without Snow

As I sleep through the remaining night, the harsh reality begins to haunt me again: I am the only soul in the city.


I wake up in an unknown place, lying on the ground, watching a blue sky, caressed by green grass around me. I am in a parallel version of Alano.

rote nal Rivernal

The Rivernal Fields

Walking beyond the city boundary, I stand before the infinite plains, basking in the light of a simulated sunrise.

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