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Septe poemas nocturne

Seven Nocturnal Poems

An album that describes the various facets of the night.

12020 – 12021

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Poema nocturne 1

Nocturnal Poem 1

A clear, moonlit night. Blades of grass and flowers are gently swinging in the breeze. Up above, the stars are silently twinkling.

Poema nocturne 2

Nocturnal Poem 2

A stormy night. The winds are howling, and in the distance, thunder rumbling. Rain continuously crashes down as the clouds' menance is revealed by the bright flashes of lightning.

Poema nocturne 3

Nocturnal Poem 3

A serene night in the forest. Fireflies fly about like pixies, illuminating tiny spots on the leaves and trunks, revealing the forest's majesty.

Poema nocturne 4

Nocturnal Poem 4

A romantic night. Two people united by unseen forces, sharing their first moment together as they watches the stars in an open field.

Poema nocturne 5

Nocturnal Poem 5

A lonely night. The world is sleeping, but memories of an unspeakable past cloud the mind and the sky.

Poema nocturne 6

Nocturnal Poem 6

A midnight sun. The sun levitates just above the horizon, reflected by the slow waves of the ocean.

Poema nocturne 7

Nocturnal Poem 7

A snowy night. Outside the window, the world is blanketed by a thick cushion of white snow, and inside, everything is peaceful and cozy.

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