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Septe poemas tranquille

Seven Tranquil Poems

An album that depicts various peaceful sceneries; suitable for studying and relaxing.


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Poema tranquille 1

Tranquil Poem 1

An idyllic afternoon in a pastoral field. A stream is flowing down the hill as the clouds drift behind a disused windmill.

Poema tranquille 2

Tranquil Poem 2

A midnight in late summer. Moonlight shines through the window, projecting silhouettes of trees that rustle in the wind.

Poema tranquille 3

Tranquil Poem 3

A day in a verdant garden surrounded by patches of woods.

Poema tranquille 4

Tranquil Poem 4

A rainy day in the city. The rain blurs the window, outside of which cars are splashing in the water as they rush to their destinations.

Poema tranquille 5

Tranquil Poem 5

A gathering of friends around a campfire at night, away from the clamours of the urban city and the busy day.

Poema tranquille 6

Tranquil Poem 6

A misty day in the forest. The birds are silent, and a thin veneer of drizzle clouds the air.

Poema tranquille 7

Tranquil Poem 7

A warm night by the beach. The full moon illuminates the sea, and the constellations reveal their brightest selves.

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