Cover of Secunde suite de septe poemas tranquille

Secunde suite desepte poemas tranquille

Second Suite of Seven Tranquil Poems

Another album that depicts various peaceful sceneries.


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Poema tranquille 8

Tranquil Poem 8

A morning in misty mountains. The forests on the mountains gradually fade from sight.

Poema tranquille 9

Tranquil Poem 9

A quiet stroll in a park on a sunny day.

Poema tranquille 10

Tranquil Poem 10

A stroll through a foresty lane on an autumnal day. Amber leaves are gently swinging in the wind.

Poema tranquille 11

Tranquil Poem 11

The sun rises in the forest, heeded by the birds with their morning songs as the sunlight peeks through the leaves.

Poema tranquille 12

Tranquil Poem 12

A cool, quiet, lonely, yet heartwarming night in mid-summer.

Poema tranquille 13

Tranquil Poem 13

The sun sets behind the horizon beyond the ocean, whose waves lazily recede to the shore in a carefree early evening.

Poema tranquille 14

Tranquil Poem 14

A rainy day in the mountains. Distant memories fade in and out of the mind as the raindrops endlessly chatter on the trees and in the river.

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